Stephanie Didas, a Georgia Tech Ph.D. candidate, loads an aminosilica sample into a custom-built volumetric adsorption system for measuring adsorption isotherms of different carbon dioxide capture materials. (Credit: Gary Meek)

The Direct Air Capture Center (DirACC) is the culmination of more than a decade of research at Georgia Tech to develop materials and processes that extract carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere. Climate models suggest that negative emissions technologies (NETs) will need to be developed and deployed in order to stabilize the climate. With several recent awards, Georgia Tech researchers—with the support of Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute (SEI)—have launched the Direct Air Capture Center (DirACC), under the guidance of Professors Christopher W. Jones and Matthew J. Realff. DirACC will create a forum for collaborative research on NETs and DAC, bringing together researchers from across the Institute working in energy, sustainability, policy, and related fields.

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