A view of the CNES machine shop including several tools such as a bandsaw, welders, bench grinder, etc.

Hours: 8:00 - 6:00


  1. All use must be related to funded research or your GT classwork.
  2. All users must complete the "Student Safety Training" offered at the CNES Laboratory.
  3. You must have a signed copy of the User Agreement and Machine Shop Release form turned into Nicole Hart before you start work.(located at the bottom of this page)

Basic Guidelines

  1. Ask for instructions if you are not familiar with the particular machine, tool, or procedure.
  2. Safety glasses MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Do not operate machinery with loose clothing or jewelry.
  4. Long hair must be tied back and contained.
  5. No open toed shoes allowed.
  6. Clean machinery every time you use it.
  7. You must have another person within talking distance to perform work in the machine shop. 
  8. Report any machine that has been damaged. This may keep the next user from getting hurt.
  9. Please help keep this shop clean and safe. If you abuse the shop, you will lose your privilege to use it.

Questions or Comments please contact:
Nicole Hart, Building Coordinator II

Questions Re: The Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab, please contact:
Kristopher L. Manion, Lab Manager I



CNES Buzz Card Building Access Form

CNES Key Request Form

CNES Call Box Request Form

CNES Lab Safety Document

CNES Machine Shop Release Form

CNES Laboratory User Agreement