Ph.D. Program in Robotics

Offered jointly by the College of Computing and the College of Engineering, the Ph.D. program in Robotics is the first truly multidisciplinary robotics degree of its kind in the world—and only the second robotics doctorate offered in the U.S

Program of Study

The main emphasis of the Ph.D. program is the successful completion of an original and independent research thesis. The degree requirements are designed around this goal.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completion of 36 semester hours of courses with a letter grade
  • Passing a comprehensive qualifying exam with written and oral components.
  • Successfully conducting, documenting, and defending a piece of original research culminating in a doctoral thesis.



Hours Required

Intro to Robotics Research

A new course CS/AE/ECE/ME/BME/PHYS 7785, Introduction to Robotics Research.


Foundation Courses

Three foundation courses, each selected from distinct core areas: Mechanics, Controls, Perception, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).


Elective Courses

Three targeted elective courses, each selected from the same three core areas used for the foundation courses.


Multidisciplinary Robotics Research

Two new courses CS/AE/ECE/ME 8750 and CS/AE/ECE/ME 8751, Multidisciplinary Robotics Research I and II.


Courses Outside the Major

Three courses outside the major area to provide a coherent minor in accordance with Institute policies.






*A maximum of two classes (6 semester hours) at the 4000 level may be used to satisfy the 36 semester hour requirement.