Postdoctoral Associate - UNSW, Sydney Australia

This position is part of a joint venture between The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Inventia Life Science to develop novel dynamic bioinks for organoid bioengineering. It is in collaboration with Kristopher Kilian and Justin Gooding's labs. The ideal candidate will have expertise in stem cell culture and soft biomaterials design. Some experience with biofabrication is a plus but not necessary. 

Lifes Sciences Analyst

The O-Bio Fund was launched in 2020 and continues to grow its dedicated team of Oklahoma-based investment professionals. The portfolio includes investments in multiple companies including several that have generated successful exits. The Fund will continue to be an active investor playing various roles within other syndicates.

LifeSci Capital Associate Position

Company Overview: LifeSci Capital is a research-driven investment bank with a focus on emerging life sciences companies that discover, develop, and commercialize innovative products. Our broadly distributed equity research product, the LifeSci Capital Alpha Series, is composed of high conviction/impact ideas within the healthcare sector generated by our deep, fundamental research process—ultimately providing investors with a comprehensive understanding of our covered companies and the opportunities they are addressing.

Technicians and postdoctoral fellows developing next-generation RNA drugs

The Dahlman Lab at Georgia Tech and the Emory School of Medicine ( develops

nanoparticles that deliver mRNA and siRNA drugs. The lab has pioneered high-throughput nanoparticle

assays that utilize DNA barcoding to quantify how thousands of distinct nanoparticles deliver RNA and

DNA drugs in vivo instead of evaluating them in cell culture. More broadly, our lab develops new

technologies at the interface of big data, genomics, and gene therapies.


Senior Scientist I/II at elektrofi



Elektrofi, Inc. is a biologics formulation startup focusing on the subcutaneous delivery of proteins. We deliver ultra-high concentration doses of proteins using our proprietary microparticle technology. This technology will expand access to biologics by replacing the traditional hours-long intravenous infusion required for most proteins with a rapid subcutaneous injection that can be performed at home. This is your chance to get in early on a game-changing technology. We are headquartered in Boston, MA. []

Position summary

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Surgical Innovation
North Haven, CT

Careers That Change Lives

In this exciting role of Senior Biomedical Engineer, you will be responsible for biomedical research in wound healing and tissue remodeling processes. You will be responsible for experimental design, execution, and analysis of in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo testing of gastrointestinal cells and tissues within surgical stapling contexts.

Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering

The University of Mississippi is dedicated to developing new solutions for human health by educating future engineers at the interface of medicine and engineering. These future leaders cultivate and support the integration of engineering, science, and medicine towards discovery-driven problem solving. Towards this goal, the Departments of Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering are seeking well qualified applicants to fill a joint tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant/Associate Professor level.

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