(Posted 1/25/2023) Multiple postdoctoral fellowships are available with competitive salary and travel support in the Jewett laboratory in the Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University. This is an opportunity to create groundbreaking technologies in the heart of the Bay Area with the potential to reshape the global biotechnology industry.

The Jewett Lab focuses on advancing synthetic biology research in support of planet and societal health. We develop data-driven, multiplexed methods to elucidate fundamental principles about how the living world works. We use the knowledge from these insights to develop cell-free biotechnologies for decentralized biomanufacturing, portable diagnostics, and educational kits to serve human needs.

A key feature of our work is an emphasis on advancing and applying our capacity to partner with biology to make what is needed, where and when it is needed, on a sustainable and renewable basis. Our work holds promise to transform bioengineering applications in health, manufacturing, sustainability, and education,anywhere on earth and even beyond.

Stanford University
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We seek highly motivated individuals who will enjoy an interdisciplinary, inclusive, and creative team environment. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this research, a solid experimental background in biochemistry, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, protein expression, and/or molecular biology is required.

Successful candidates should have at least two publications (or pre-prints), be able to communicate and work with collaborators (students, postdocs, and faculty), and be able to carry out research and develop ideas independently.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter stating their career objectives, research interests together with CV, including names and contact details of three references, to Prof. Jewett (jewettlab@gmail.com).

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