aterials Innovation Ecosystem Graphic

Building a Materials Innovation Ecosystem


IMat represents and supports more than 200 materials related faculty members with diverse expertise in a wide range of disciplines such as materials science and engineering, chemistry and biochemistry, chemical and biomolecular engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, biology, computing and information sciences, and others. Georgia Tech’s ability to combine its strengths in engineering, the sciences, and computing has solidified its reputation as a leader in materials research. Faculty from the Georgia Tech Research Institute are also key contributors to Georgia Tech’s cross-cutting materials research.

The materials innovation ecosystem, supported by Georgia Tech’s Institute for Materials, is designed to foster an environment that supports and enhances creativity in the broad materials community, as well as novel strategies and methods to accelerate the rate at which new and improved materials are sustainably incorporated into products while linking directly with basic research.  The wrapping together of computation, experiment, and data sciences leads us to embrace the vision of a materials innovation ecosystem.  Materials synthesis, processing, characterization, property measurement, and modeling and simulation at various length and time scales are foundational elements of materials discovery and development, as are manufacturing scale-up, uncertainty, and systems design methods.  This vision is at the core of IMat’s strategy for cross-cutting materials research and education in the 21st century.

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