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Apply for the 2022 Institute for Materials Graduate Student Fellows (IGSF) Competition

With financial support provided by BASF, the Georgia Tech Institute for Materials (IMat) is pleased to offer additional stipend support for graduate students across Georgia Tech. Up to four IMat Graduate Student Fellows (IGSF) will be selected in this competitive program. If selected, a $4K direct funding grant will “top-off” existing monthly GRA stipends during the award year. Awards are only valid for one year. Prior recipients are not eligible for further awards.

This year an emphasis is placed on the incorporation of design, theory and experiment across several technical areas. This list below is representative of research topics of interest, but others could be appropriate too. All responses should include a view to sustainability in regard to raw materials, carbon or energy efficiency, waste and recyclability.

1) Biomaterials

  • Sustainable and biodegradable surfactants
  • Basic aromatics hydrocarbons from lignocellulosic materials
  • Biologically inspired design for polymer system light-weighting of automotive systems
  • Materials for sustainable packaging solutions, including recyclable and /or biodegradable paper barrier coating.

2) Mobility & Infrastructure

  • Materials design and performance
  • Smart biocompatible materials with sensor capabilities

3) Computing and Electronics

  • Applications of next generation computing in materials design

4) Energy

  • Cathode materials for Li ion batteries
  • Solid state batteries

5) Security

  • Ion trap materials for Quantum computing


Graduate students in any academic unit may apply.

Awards should be used for augmentation of stipends of existing thesis-directed GRAs and not for bridging between other means of support or for augmenting TA compensation.

A statement from their research advisor regarding interest in, and commitment to these requirements is necessary as part of the proposal.


Oral PowerPoint-style report will be presented to BASF representatives during their campus recruiting visit October 2022. Presentation should detail: aspects explored, new capabilities developed, and how this research impacts them personally and professionally, to include benefits to their group, academic unit, GT, and society as a whole.

IGSF application format:

  • 1 page: Cover (Clearly label “IGSF Proposal”, title, name, unit, research advisor, date)
  • 2 pages: Description of student’s primary materials research theme and goals proposed
  • 1 page: student vita
  • Commitment statement on GT letterhead from research advisor to IGSF grant requirements, including advisor signature.

Review Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of Georgia Tech faculty and BASF staff. Final award selections will balance available funds with requests and review recommendations. Funding to be allocated depends upon the submission of proposals that are considered responsive to the call as outlined and recommended for support in the review process.

Applications should be submitted via https://gatech.infoready4.com/ by 9AM ET on Monday, January 24, 2022. Award selections will be made during February 2022 and $1,000 will be disbursed monthly on April, May and June 2022 pay dates.
Questions: Dr. Jud Ready, IMat Deputy Director - Innovation Initiatives
jud.ready@gatech.edu, 404-407-6036