Hydrogen has enormous potential in the transition to a clean energy future. As an energy carrier, hydrogen could play a major role as a means to equalize energy supplies from intermittent renewable sources such as solar and wind. It is simultaneously a key enabler of decarbonized energy and synthesized materials, such as net-zero carbon synthetic hydrocarbons.

Georgia Tech researchers are exploring innovative ways to produce, use, transport, and store hydrogen. Hydrogen is already a key ingredient in many processes in the chemical industry. Supplying hydrogen that is produced in a more sustainable manner to the industrial sector is a parallel objective. Georgia Tech is committed to developing effective technologies related to all aspects of hydrogen and its applications in society. The Institute is also committed to ensuring that these advancements impact our society in an environmentally and socially equitable manner.

Research Areas

Hydrogen Production


Georgia Tech is taking a multi-disciplinary approach to the research and development of many of the “colors” of hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Utilization


From fundamental materials innovations to the largest university-based hydrogen combustion research facility in the U.S., Georgia Tech is in an exceptional position to maximize the applications of hydrogen.

Hydrogen Separation, Storage & Trasport

Storage & Transport

Georgia Tech expertise is addressing the technologies and logistical frameworks needed for efficient and cost-effective hydrogen storage and transport.

Hydrogen Equitable Incorporation

Hydrogen Equity

Georgia Tech researchers are studying how unintended consequences of hydrogen energy systems can be mitigated or avoided, as well as ensuring that a diversity of talent engages with hydrogen development opportunities, and that we avoid a demographic divide of beneficiaries.


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Executive Director, Strategic Energy Institute


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