Tequila A.L. Harris

Director; Polymer Thin Film Processing (PTFP) Group
SEI Lead: Energy & Manufacturing

Dr. Tequila A. L. Harris is an Associate Professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, and is the director of the Polymer Thin Film Processing Laboratory (tharris@gatech.edu). Her research focuses on investigating the fundamental science associated with manufacture of polymer thin films from fluids (e.g., solutions, dispersions, slurries, etc.) as they are coated onto permeable or impermeable surfaces to make components or devices. She explores the connectivity between thin film functionality, based on their manufacture or structure, and their life expectancy, to elucidate mechanisms by which performance or durability can be predicted. In addition to conducting computational analysis, developing analytical models and running experiments, Dr. Harris' also develops new manufacturing technologies to fabricate thin films, in wide area or discrete patterns. Target applications are well-suited for a variety of industries including food, energy, electronic, and environmental systems to name a few. In conjunction with her research activities, she is committed to the education, mentoring, and advisement of students towards scholarly achievements. She has published over fifty peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Harris has several awards including the National Science Foundation's young investigator CAREER Award and the Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty Award.



Office Location:
MARC 436


Polymer Thin Film Processing (PTFP) Group

Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Engineering
George W. Woodruff School Mechanical Engineering
Research Focus Areas:
  • Advanced Materials Additive Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Storage
  • Electronic Materials
  • Energy
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Additional Research:

    Additive/Advanced Manufacturing; Flexible Electronics; Polymers; micro and nanomechanics; Thin Films; Electronics; Energy Storage; Thermal Systems; Manufacturing and Fluid Mechanics; Polymer processing; mechanical system design; fluid flow; mechanical and physical property characterization of thin film

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