IDEaS and the School of Computer Science announce the availability of Cloud resources for use by the Georgia Tech faculty for teaching and research. These resources are made possible via a partnership with Microsoft and Georgia Tech’s Techfee award. The awards are intended to support the research and education mission of Georgia Tech as a whole.

  • Education: Using Cloud resources for programming projects in courses.
  • Research: Projects that require computational resources that are not readily available on campus at the scale and sophistication needed for the successful execution of the research.
  • CAVEAT: Please note that ONLY Microsoft Azure credits are available for use in research projects. For teaching credits, the application can ask for any Cloud provider (e.g., AWS, Azure).

Proposals must be sent in a single PDF.

(1) Proposal for Teaching Purposes:

  • Please provide the following information:
    • Course number and title
    • Semester in which resources are needed: Fall 2021/Spring 2022/Both
    • Name of instructor
    • Expected enrollment
    • Provider preference if any (e.g., AWS/Azure/Any)
    • Total cloud resources needed: (you are encouraged to use the Cloud Resource Calculator to determine the amount of resources you will need

(2) Proposal for Research Purposes:

  • A brief technical description of the proposed research and how the Azure cloud credits will be utilized.
  • Justification of the need for cloud credits in the context of other computational resources available for the project.
  • The dollar value of the cloud credits requested (minimum: $5K; maximum: $25K) and justification for the magnitude of the request. The Azure calculator may be useful for estimating credits. 

We expect the average award amount to be $25K, although proposals for credits up to $50K will be considered if commensurate with the needs of the project.

The deadline to submit your proposal is October 8, 2021. 


*****Important*****: All the allocated resources HAVE TO BE EXPENDED BEFORE JUNE 30, 2022.  Be absolutely sure that you will be able to use the resources allocated as otherwise they will just disappear into Ether.

Online training resources are available here and here.