Forming Teams & Moving Teams Forward Seed Grant Program

The Forming Teams and Moving Teams Forward seed grant program is a biannual (spring and fall) internal funding opportunity designed to support the formation and advancement of cross-disciplinary research teams. Announced by the Office of the Vice President for Research Development and Operations in April 2021, the program was created in response to shifting trends in national research and funding priorities, which have shown an increased focus on supporting large-scale, team-based research projects.

Tuition Waivers  

At Georgia Tech, we use the phrase “tuition waiver” for multiple scenarios.  Sometimes, we refer to a tuition waiver for the student, which means that the student is not paying his or her own tuition; rather, it is covered by other sources.  When this happens, it is actually “tuition remission.”  At other times, we use the phrase “tuition waiver” to indicate that Tech will never receive tuition for the student, from any source, and will have to find the funds to cover those costs internally. 

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