NewHydrogen CEO Steve Hill Discussed Hydrogen and Gas Turbine Combustion Systems with Georgia Tech Clean Energy Expert

Dr. Tim Lieuwen highlighted the need for efficient energy storage solutions and the use of existing natural gas infrastructure to produce and store hydrogen.

Steve Hill, the CEO of NewHydrogen, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough technology that uses clean energy and water to produce the world’s cheapest green hydrogen, in a recent podcast spoke with Dr. Tim Lieuwen, Executive Director of the Strategic Energy Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Workshop identifies decarbonization opportunities in the Southeast

November 29, 2023

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Climate Change Science Institute and the Georgia Institute of Technology hosted a Southeast Decarbonization Workshop in November that drew scientists and representatives from government, industry, non-profits and other organizations to strategize about clean energy opportunities unique to the southeastern United States.

Harvard Business School Visiting Fellow - Omar Asensio

What’s your area of research and what led you to it? As a climate scholar, I focus on the intersection of technology and public policy. I lead the Data Science & PolicyLab at Georgia Tech, where we use big data and field experiments to address challenges in energy, transportation, and human mobility. In recent years, we’ve leveraged generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to overcome research barriers in vehicle electrification and infrastructure.

Is Atlanta ready for driverless cars? They’re coming, so we put them to the test

Are they ready for crazy Atlanta drivers and crazy Atlanta roads here?” Gray asked Georgia Tech professor Srinivas Peeta, who studies autonomous and connected vehicles. “I don’t think so in that sense,” Peeta said.He believes driverless cars are the future. As for the present, what he said is more complicated.