Paul Pearce

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Paul Pearce is an Assistant Professor at the Georgia Tech School of Computer Science and a Visiting Researcher at Facebook. By developing Internet-scale measurement platforms and new empirical methods, his research brings grounding and understanding to the study of large-scale, hidden Internet security problems. His work spans the areas of cybercrime, censorship, and “advanced persistent threats” (APTs). His work has been distinguished at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, and he has been recognized as an EECS Distinguished Graduate Student Instructor.  Paul completed his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley advised by Vern Paxson and was a member of the Center for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR).


Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Computing
School of Computer Science
Research Focus Areas:
  • Cybersecurity Public Policy
  • Systems and Software Security
  • Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics
  • Additional Research:
    Data Security & Privacy; Defense / National Security; Internet Infrastructure & Operating Systems; Network Security;