Dr. Tim Lieuwen highlighted the need for efficient energy storage solutions and the use of existing natural gas infrastructure to produce and store hydrogen.

Steve Hill, the CEO of NewHydrogen, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough technology that uses clean energy and water to produce the world’s cheapest green hydrogen, in a recent podcast spoke with Dr. Tim Lieuwen, Executive Director of the Strategic Energy Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

During the conversation, Dr. Lieuwen shared his extensive insight on gas turbine combustion systems, explaining their versatility and ability to use different types of fuel, including renewable ones such as hydrogen. The discussion also covered the process of generating electricity through gas turbines, with Dr. Lieuwen providing a detailed explanation.

Watch the full discussion on the NewHydrogen Podcast featuring Dr. Lieuwen at https://newhydrogen.com/videos/ceo-podcast/dr-tim-lieuwen-georgia-tech-university.

NewHydrogen CEO Steve Hill Discussed Hydrogen and Gas Turbine Combustion System…
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