The Greenhouse Accelerator is announcing the launch of the Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub, a public-private-academic partnership created to propel cleantech innovation and expand its access and benefits to Georgians furthering the tremendous cleantech momentum across the state. This pioneering initiative makes it easier for cleantech innovators to tap into the diverse talent, growth capital and resources available to create the products, services and companies that set Georgia up to be a leader in tomorrow’s growth industries.

The Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub’s efforts center around four areas of focus:

  • creating the places where cleantech innovators meet, connect and build
  • building an accessible, hyperconnected community of cleantech experts
  • implementing fit-for-purpose education programs to grow local expertise
  • fostering the innovation and sustainability culture in a way that is uniquely Georgia.

The new initiative builds upon the Greenhouse Accelerator’s 12-year legacy and takes advantage of the state’s momentum of attracting cleantech manufacturing, battery and solar technologies and more.

"Since its inception, the Greenhouse Accelerator has dedicated itself to supporting early-stage startups through mentorship and its connections,” explains Bernie Burgener, Executive Director of the Greenhouse Accelerator and founding member of the board of directors for the Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub. “Today, consumers’ high demand for climate-friendly solutions and significant investment by governments and corporations has established cleantech as an engine of economic growth. As a result, our opportunity to serve cleantech innovators is broader than it was 12 years ago, and it is the right time for the organization to expand its scope."

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