King Jordan

Director, Bioinformatics Graduate Program


Office Location:
EBB 2109



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Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Biological Sciences
Research Focus Areas:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Genomics
  • Public Health
  • Additional Research:

    Epigenetics ; Computational genomics for public health. We are broadly interested in the relationship between genome sequence variation and health outcomes. We study this relationship through two main lines of investigation - human and microbial.Human:we study how genetic ancestry and population structure impact disease prevalence and drug response. Our human genomics research is focused primarily on complex common disease and aims to characterize the genetic architecture of health disparities, in pursuit of their elimination.Microbial:we develop and apply genome-enabled approaches to molecular typing and functional profiling of microbial pathogens that cause infectious disease. The goal of our microbial genomics research is to empower public health agencies to more effectively monitor and counter infectious disease agents.

    Research Affiliations: Integrated Cancer Research Center, Center for Integrative Genomics

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