Gleb Yushin

Gleb Yushin

Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering

Gleb Yushin is a Professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and a Co-Founder of several companies, including Sila Nanotechnologies, Inc.. For his contributions to materials science, Yushin has received numerous awards and recognitions, including Kavli Fellow Award, R&D 100 Award (Y-Carbon's application), Honda Initiation Grant Award, National Science Foundation CAREER Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award, and several distinctions from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), such as Nano 50 Award. Dr. Yushin has co-authored over 30 patents and patent applications, over 100 invited presentations and seminars and over 100 publications on nanostructured Electronic Materials related applications, including papers in Science, Nature Materials and other leading journals. His current research is focused on advancing energy storage materials and devices for electronics, transportation and grid applications.


Office Location:
Love 371


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    Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Engineering
    Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Energy
  • Energy Generation, Storage, and Distribution
  • Energy Storage
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Materials for Energy
  • Miniaturization & Integration
  • Nanomaterials
  • Additional Research:
    • Characterization
    • Measurements
    • Photovoltaics
    • Polymers
    • Processing, Fabrication, & Manufacturing
    • Synthesis

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