Assistant Professor Alexandria Smith

Alexandria Smith

Assistant Professor

Alexandria Smith is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego, and holds an M.M. and B.M. from Mannes the New School for Music.

Alexandria specializes in recording/mixing/mastering music that mixes different genres and experimental music. Her work has been referred to by Downbeat as “splendidly engineered.” Alexandria’s recent project as tracking/mix/mastering engineer and co-producer of Grammy-nominated bassist Mark Dresser’s Tines of Change was favorably reviewed by Downbeat, the Wire Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune, Percorsi Musical, All About Jazz, für Jazz Musik, and more and was rated as one of the ‘Best Solo Albums of the Year’ by and best of 2023 by Downbeat. She has worked on recordings by Basher, Filera (Carmina Escobar, Natalia Pérez Turner, and Wilfrido Terrazas), Alvin Lucier, Rand Steiger, Treesearch, TJ Borden, Judith Hamann, and more. Her audio engineering work can be heard on labels such as Pyroclastic Records, Infrequent Seams, Black Truffle, New Focus Recordings, 577 Records, 1980 Records, and Blank Forms.

Office Location:
Couch 209C

Personal Website

  • School of Music Profile Page
  • College of Design
    School of Music
    Additional Research:
    • Audio Engineering (tracking/mixing/mastering/producing)
    • Feminist Science and Technology Studies (FSTS)
    • Interactive Media
    • Interdisciplinary research
    • Literary and Cultural Studies
    • Music Composition
    • Music Performance

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