Assistant Professor Abigale Stangle

Abigale Stangle

Dr. Abigale Stangl is a design researcher specializing in the development of systems that promote inclusive design practices and enhance the accessibility of products and information. With expertise in human-centered design, human-computer interaction, accessibility, and sensory AI, her interdisciplinary research encompasses universal design principles and prioritizes disability-first innovation. Abigale's current research goals focus on expanding tactile media availability through in-depth investigations of tactile design practices, interaction techniques, and the optimization of multimodal and multisensory systems. She actively collaborates with individuals with disabilities, ensuring their perspectives and needs drive innovation. Abigale also cultivates students' abilities as allies and co-designers, fostering an inclusive design community that embraces diverse perspectives.

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    College of Design
    School of Industrial Design
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Additional Research:
    • Accessibility
    • Creativity 
    • Computer vision
    • Inclusive Design

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