Walter Henderson

Walter Henderson

Manager, Materials Characterization Facility
Principal Research Scientist

Walter Henderson manages a group of 8-10 research professionals that annually trains and helps ~700 researchers to perform 25000+ hours of work that enables ~$30M in research funding to Georgia Tech. 

He has significant experience in the growth, fabrication, and especially the characterization of microelectronic and nano-scale materials and devices. Henderson has been involved in this type of research since 1998 at all levels from vacuum system design and assembly to data analysis to paper and proposal writing/submission. 

Henderson has been an author on more than 30 publications in refereed publications such as the Journal of Applied Physics. His long-term goal is to move into education policy or public policy at the local or state level.


  • The IEN/IMat Materials Characterization Facility (MCF)
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    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Materials Characterization Facility
    Additional Research:

    Specialties: Structural, chemical, electrical and optical characterization of microelectronic, bio- and nano-technology materials and devices. I have designed hardware and software for - and/or instructed others on the use of - analysis techniques including but not limited to: SEM, XPS, XRD, AFM, SIMS, Raman, PL, Hall, IV, and CV.

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