Smart Devices Need to Get Smarter to Help Save Energy, Georgia Tech Professor Says in ‘Nature Energy’ Article

By Michael Pearson

As the growth in connected devices outstrips that of conventional home appliances, consumers will find it increasingly more difficult to understand which electrical devices are consuming the most power in their homes, and what to do about it, according to Omar Isaac Asensio, an assistant professor in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Public Policy.

Georgia Tech Expert Raises Concerns About Medical Crowdfunding for Advanced Cancer Therapies

Aaron Levine, associate professor in the School of Public Policy

By Michael Pearson

Personalized medicines that harness the power of our own immune cells to beat back advanced cancers offer great promise, but also raise concerns about how patients will pay for these costly therapies. A new paper from the Georgia Institute of Technology shows some patients are turning to crowdfunding.

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