Researchers Use Social Media to Model Stress Following Incidents of Gun Violence on Campus

An algorithm developed by researchers at Georgia Tech can quantify periods of high stress on college campuses and could better inform appropriate responses by counselors, deans of students, faculty, and student populations themselves.

Using Reddit posts following incidents of gun violence on 12 American campuses as a test bed for their algorithm, researchers were able to identify sharp upticks in stress levels in the weeks immediately following these events and also the common words or phrases that increased or decreased during that period.

Ph.D. Candidate Caitlyn Seim Earns Prestigious Neuroscience:Translate Grant From Stanford

School of Interactive Computing Ph.D. candidate Caitlyn Seim was awarded one of Stanford University’s exclusive Neuroscience:Translate grants. The grant is part of a new program to support translational neuroscience research to find practical solutions for unmet patient needs.

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