Jan 21, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has named Daniel Portrait of SEI Director Tim LieuwenGuggenheim Aerospace Engineering School professor Timothy C. Lieuwen as the 2021 recipient of the Pendray Award for Aerospace Literature.

The award is given annually to a faculty member or researcher for outstanding contributions to aeronautical and astronautical literature in the relatively recent past. In its citation of Lieuwen, the AIAA praised the longtime AE School professor for his exemplary "contributions to the development of aerospace literature in combustion and propulsion, particularly in unsteady combustor physics, gas turbine emissions, and synthesis gas combustion."

A member of the National Academy of Engineers and a Regents' Professor, Lieuwen is currently the holder of the AE School's David S. Lewis, Jr. Chair, and serves as the executive director of Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute.He has authored or edited four combustion books, including the textbook Unsteady Combustor Physics, and more than 400 other publications.

Lieuwen's research interests lie in the areas of clean energy and propulsion systems, energy policy, acoustics, fluid mechanics, and combustion. He works closely with industry and government, focusing particularly on fundamental problems that arise out of the development of clean combustion systems or utilization of alternative fuels.

Lieuwen is the sixth Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering School faculty to be tapped for the prestigious honor. Past awardees include Prof. Ed Price (1972), Prof. Warren Strahle (1985), Prof. Ben Zinn (2000), Prof. Vigor Yang (2008), and Prof. Wassim Haddad (2014).

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