Roman Mezencev

Roman Mezencev

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Roman Mezencev is an adjunct associate professor in the School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech and a scientist at the U.S. EPA’s National Center of Public Health and Environmental Assessment. His areas of research interest include cancer biology, pharmacology, toxicogenomics, protein misfolding diseases, and public health. In cancer biology, his main research focuses on using omics data to identify new cancer subtypes through molecular profiling, which can help enhance their diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, Mezencev explores the use of omics data to predict and understand chemically-induced cancer and other adverse outcomes to protect public health. He is also investigating the intriguing epidemiological associations and mechanistic connections between cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), as well as other protein-misfolding diseases. By understanding these associations, we can identify shared risk factors and molecular mechanisms that can lead to the development of new anti-cancer and anti-AD drugs and enhance our understanding of these complex diseases.


School of Biological Sciences
Research Focus Areas:
  • Cancer Biology
  • Chemical Biology
  • Public Health
  • Systems Biology

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