Nepomuk Otte

Nepomuk Otte

Associate Professor

Nepomuk Otte is a Georgia Tech Professor of Physics. When not working on his astrophysics research programs, his mind revolves around flying. His passion for flying started at a very early age but never turned into a rating. That was until 2020, when he joined the Yellow Jacket Flying Club (YJFC) and eight months later was an instrument-rated private pilot. Although he never saw himself instructing, his flight instructor and DPE encouraged him, and it turns out he loves every bit of it.

His main research is about understanding the acceleration of charged particles (cosmic rays) in pulsars and using gamma-rays as probes of Lorentz invariance violation but his group also deviates and does other interesting research in the VHE gamma-ray band. They are members of the VERITAS Cherenkov telescope array and participate in the development and construction of the next generation VHE instrument the Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA.

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