Michael Borich

Michael Borich

Associate Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
Training Faculty, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Emory University

I am a rehabilitation neuroscientist keenly interested in the brain's capacity for change in response to rehabilitation after injury or in the context of disease. My work incorporates multimodal neuroimaging and neurostimulation approaches to investigate brain structure and function. The overarching aim of this work is to uncover the key neural substrates supporting motor control and motor learning to enable the design of optimal rehabilitation strategies to maximize recovery of function following neurologic injury.



Office Location:
Emory Rehabilitation Hospital, R228


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    Emory University

    Emory Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Neuroscience
  • Regenerative Medicine
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    My primary research focus is to understand the neural substrates of motor learning and experience-dependent plasticity in healthy individuals and individuals after stroke. This work utilizes cutting-edge neuroimaging and neurostimulation techniques to evaluate both human brain anatomy (structure) and physiology (function). It remains unclear how the brain recovers from neurologic insult and, therefore, rehabilitation strategies aimed at ameliorating functional impairments following injury are currently suboptimal. My work aims to understand how best to measure brain recovery after injury and how best to stimulate optimal restoration of function.

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