John Peroni




University of Georgia

UGA Department of Large Animal Medicine
Research Focus Areas:
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Additional Research:
    Research in the Peroni laboratory focuses on the use of regenerative therapies ranging from cellular to blood derived products to treat musculoskeletal injuries, with a concentration on minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and arthroscopy. Current research project: The surgery, performed in May, is the second successful feline kidney transplant using feline adult stem cells performed at the hospital. "To the best of our knowledge, UGA is the only veterinary facility in the world to use adult stem cells in feline kidney transplantation," said Dr. Chad Schmiedt, a board-certified small animal surgeon who heads UGA's feline kidney transplant program. The service laboratory is managed by research professionals Merrilee Thoresen and Jenny Mumaw, who is enrolled in the college's doctor of veterinary medicine program and will graduate in 2016. The service is headed by Dr. John Peroni, a board-certified large animal surgeon and associate professor whose research focus includes stem cell therapeutics.

    Research Affiliations: Regenerative Engineering and Medicine (REM)

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