Itamar K.

Itamar Kolvin

Assistant Professor, School of Physics

Itamar Kolvin received his B.Sc. (2007) in Physics and Mathematics and his M.Sc. (2009) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2017, he completed his Ph.D. in Physics under Prof. Jay Fineberg in the Hebrew University. He was a HFSP cross-disciplinary postdoctoral fellow in the Physics Department, University of California, Santa Barbara with Pro. Zvonimir Dogic. His research interests are in the fundamentals of soft matter out-of-equilibrium: assembly, deformation, flow and fracture. Current efforts make use of model systems that are assembled of protein machineries to investigate active and adaptive material mechanics.

Office Location:
MoSE 2144

Georgia Tech School of Physics
Research Focus Areas:
  • Aerogels & Hydrogels
  • Biomaterials
  • Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics

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