Harold Kim

Harold Kim




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Boggs B-83


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    Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Sciences
    Georgia Tech School of Physics
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    I am interested in understanding (i) how transcription factors find their targets on DNA and activate transcription despite the presence of nucleosomes and (ii) how structural details of trans-activators and cis-elements quantitatively fine-tune gene regulation at the cellular level. The Harold Kim Lab is an experimental biophysics group studying the biophysics of the genome in the School of Physics atGeorgia Institute ofTechnology.A meter-long DNA is tightly packaged into chromosomes inside a micron-wide nucleus of a cell. Therefore, the genetic information is difficult to locate and process. Despite this formidable challenge, cells constantly convert the genetic code into appropriate amounts of proteins in a timely manner based on external signals. This interesting phenomenon is at the core of our research.

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