Portrait of Hailong Chen

Hailong Chen

Associate Professor
BBISS Co-lead: Clean Energy Resources

The research in Chen group is cross-disciplinary, bridging up mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science, focusing on electrochemical energy storage related materials and devices, as well as functional and structural metals/alloys. The technical expertise of the group include development and application of advance in situ characterization methods for energy storage devices, computation-aided materials design and novel synthesis methods for nanostructured materials.



Office Location:
Love 329


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  • BBISS Initiative Lead Project - Sustainable Resources for Clean Energy
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    Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Engineering
    George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Materials for Energy
  • Additional Research:

    Materials Design; in situ characterization; Energy Conversion & Storage; Batteries; Functional Materials

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