Launch a Startup

Georgia Tech is a community of learning and innovation for students, faculty, and staff alike. At the heart of Tech’s research mission is helping students, faculty, and staff understand how they can use research findings to create innovative and industry disrupting startups through entrepreneurship. Startup entrepreneurship opportunities are a critical component of the Georgia Tech experience with custom-tailored offerings for students and faculty:

Supporting Commercialization at Georgia Tech

In 2021, Raghupathy "Siva" Sivakumar was named Georgia Tech's first vice president for commercialization and chief commercialization officer. To learn more about Georgia Tech's initiatives and a portfolio of units and programs that support student, faculty and external ventures and product development, visit our Commercialization page.

For undergraduates

CREATE-X gives students the framework and tools to not only explore the possibility of creating a startup, but to do so through a proven curriculum centered on learning, making, and launching. Students are encouraged to pursue startup ideation to create technology companies that have meaningful and long-term impact. Georgia Tech gives them the necessary tools, training, coaching, and mentorship, as well as access to grants and investment funding, and academic credit. Since its formation, CREATE-X has helped students launch 159 startups with a cumulative valuation of $310 million. To learn more, contact Rhea Perkins at

For graduate students and faculty/staff

VentureLab was created in 2001 to give faculty, staff and students a framework to help bring Georgia Tech research innovations to market. VentureLab collaborates with Tech faculty and students to create startups based on their research, using evidence-based entrepreneurship principles. VentureLab helps turn ideas into early-stage companies through business model development, making connections between innovators and seasoned entrepreneurs, locating sources of early-stage financing, and preparing fledgling startups for the real world. Since its creation, VentureLab has helped form 254 startups that have received a collective $1.9 billion from investment capital, grants, and acquisitions. Learn more by connecting with Jeff Garbers:

For all students and faculty/staff

Georgia Tech is globally recognized as a premier research institution, and much of its research receives National Science Foundation (NSF) support. The I-Corps and I-Corps South programs teach NSF awardees how to identify and maximize commercialization opportunities from their academic research, and provide entrepreneurship training to not only launch, but also scale successful technology companies. Managed by VentureLab staff, the I-Corps offerings are designed to foster an ecosystem of entrepreneurship to commercialize technology that has been developed through NSF-funded research. To see how I-Corps can help NSF-funded researchers, contact Colin Ake at