Portrait of Dori Pap

Dori Pap

Managing Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
BBISS Co-lead: Collaborative Social Impact

Dori Pap is the Managing Director of the Institute for Leadership and Social Impact (formerly the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship). She directs the Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad Program in Central and Eastern Europe, coordinates the Impact Speaker Series, runs the annual Ideas to Serve student social innovation competition, and teaches courses on social entrepreneurship. 

Outside Tech, Dori serves on the board of Global Growers Network, a nonprofit organization that connects the agricultural talent of the refugee community in and around Atlanta to opportunities in sustainable agriculture. She is a board member for the Center for Civic Innovation, an organization that works at the frontline of civics education and advocacy, and she serves on the board of the Georgia Social Impact Collaborative. Dori is a triple Yellow Jacket and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree at the Institute for Higher Education at UGA.



Office Location:
ILSI 4152

Departmental Bio

  • BBISS Initiative Lead Project - Collaborative Social Impact

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    Scheller College of Business

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