David Collard

David Collard

Associate Dean; College of Sciences
Professor; School of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The main focus of Dr. Collard's research is the molecular self-assembly in polymers which allows for the formation of new supermolecular architectures that take on new functions and promise potential benefits and novel applications. Currently, his group is studying surfactants, spontaneously assembled monolayers, and liquid crystals. Materials under study include conjugated electronically conductive polymers and new functional polyesters. Techniques used to construct and probe the structure of our supramolecular assemblies including: synthesis, electrochemistry, thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction and microscopy.



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  • Collard Group

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Sciences
    Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Electronic Materials
  • Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Additional Research:

    Conducting Polymers; Diffraction Methods; Functional Co-Polymers

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