Christopher Porter

Associate Professor


Office Location:
HSRB, Emory University


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Emory University

Emory+Children's Pediatric Research Center
Research Focus Areas:
  • Cancer Biology
  • Additional Research:
    The goal of the Porter lab is to develop novel therapeutic strategies for leukemia through better understanding of molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis and treatment resistance. We employ a wide variety of techniques, in vitro and in vivo, for discovery and validation of molecular vulnerabilities in cancer cells. For example, using a genome-scale shRNA screen, we identified WEE1 as a chemosensitizing target in AML cells. Subsequent studies funded by the NCI have validated this finding and supported the development of a clinical trial testing a WEE1 inhibitor in children with relapsed/refractory AML. More recently, we have discovered a novel function for the transcription factor ETV6 in regulating normal B cell development, and will test whether and how Etv6 mutation promotes leukemogenesis using a new mouse model with a point mutation in Etv6. A third project in the lab is directed at understanding mechanisms of immune evasion during leukemogenesis.

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