Chris Reinhard

Chris Reinhard

Georgia Power Chair
Associate Professor

I'm an Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry in the School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

My research explores the ways in which Earth's biosphere and planetary boundary conditions act to reshape ocean/atmosphere chemistry and climate, how these interactions have evolved over time, and how they might be engineered moving forward. The work I do is inherently interdisciplinary, and utilizes an ensemble of tools including computer models of ocean, sediment, and soil biogeochemistry, stable isotope and trace element tracers, and analysis of modern natural systems.


Office Location:
ES&T 3104


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    Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Sciences
    School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Climate & Environment
  • Environmental Processes
  • Additional Research:
    • Biogeochemistry of oxygen-deficient aqueous environments
    • Carbon cycle dynamics and geoengineering
    • Chemical evolution of Earth's oceans and atmosphere
    • Planetary habitability and atmospheric biosignatures

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