Charles David Sherrill

Charles David Sherrill

Regents Professor; School Chemistry & Biochemistry
Associate Director for Research and Education; Institute for Data Engineering & Science

Research in the Sherrill group focuses on the development of ab initio electronic structure theory and its application to problems of broad chemical interest, including the influence of non-covalent interactions in drug binding, biomolecular structure, organic crystals, and organocatalytic transition states.   We seek to apply the most accurate quantum models possible for a given problem, and we specialize in generating high-quality datasets for testing new methods or machine-learning purposes.   We have developed highly efficient algorithms and software to perform symmetry-adapted perturbation theory (SAPT) computations of intermolecular interactions, and we have used this software to analyze the nature of non-covalent pi-interactions in terms of electrostatics, London dispersion forces, induction/polarization, and short range exchange-repulsion.


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MS&E 2100N

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    Georgia Institute of Technology

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  • Computational Materials Science
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    Data Analytics; Parallel Quantum Chemistry; Drug Delivery

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