Carlos A.R. Sa de Melo

Carlos A.R. Sa de Melo

Professor; School of Physics

My areas of interest include theoretical condensed matter and ultra-cold atomic and molecular physics. I strongly encourage my students to be broad, deep and creative. Breadth of knowledge is very important in today's physics job market, as is expert (deep) knowledge in a particular area. But most of all the development of new directions, never explored before is the dominant component of my research. Most of my interests are in many body aspects of condensed matter systems (superconductors, quantum magnets, and semiconductors) and atomic/molecular systems (ultra-cold atoms and molecules).


Office Location:
Howey W511

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Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Sciences
Research Focus Areas:
  • Quantum Computing
  • Additional Research:

    superconductors; quantum materials; Semiconductors

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