Anupam Patgiri

Anupam Patgiri

Assistant Professor

Anupam received his bachelor’s degree from Gauhati University (India) and a master’s degree in chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (India). He then moved to New York City to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical biology in Prof. Bobby Arora’s lab at NYU. In the Arora lab, Anupam developed chemical inhibitors of therapeutically relevant protein-protein interactions. His thesis project resulted in the discovery of the first direct inhibitor of oncoprotein Ras. Anupam then spent a short stint as a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Tarun Kapoor’s lab at the Rockefeller University before moving to Prof. Vamsi Mootha’s lab at Harvard Medical School. In the Mootha lab, Anupam engineered an enzyme called “LOXCAT” as a potential therapy for mitochondrial disease. In his independent lab at Emory University, Anupam is developing strategies to restore mitochondrial and metabolic homeostasis in disease as potential therapies. 


Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Medical School 

Postdoctoral Fellow Rockefeller University 

Ph.D. New York University 

MSc Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India

BSc Gauhati University, India  

Awards and Honors

Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship (2020)

Tosteson & Fund Medical Discovery Fellowship (2017)

Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowship (2013-16)

Margaret and Herman Sokol Scholarship at NYU (2010-2011)

GATE fellowship, Govt. of India (2006)

Junior Research Fellowship, Govt. of India (2005)

Summer Research Fellowship, Indian Academy of Sciences (2004)


Emory University

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