Andrew Zeliff

Research Engineer

Andrew Zeliff is a Research Engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), in the CIPHER Lab, Software Assurance Branch.  His interests revolve around building secure, hardened systems and software, often with a focus on attack surface reduction and secure-by-design concepts.  Some of his recent work includes building a hardened, secure alternate-data-path solution for a real-time system and developing tools to assess maritime and aviation systems protocol implementations. Mr. Zeliff possesses a MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and a BS in Computer Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Prior to GTRI, Mr. Zeliff worked with the US Air Force in many capacities, including as a civilian at the Air Force Research Laboratory.  There, Mr. Zeliff worked on numerous projects in the general field of Mission Assurance spanning across the Air, Space, and Cyberspace domains.


Office Location:
Wells Fargo

Georgia Institute of Technology

Cybersecurity, Information Protection, and Hardware Evaluation Research Laboratory
Research Focus Areas:
  • Software & Systems Security
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Additional Research:

    Defense / National Security; Algorithms; Computer Engineering; Architecture & Design