With Recent Funding, Sea Level Sensor Project in Savannah Moves into New Phase

The rising sea levels along Georgia’s Savannah coast and an uptick in more severe storms during hurricane season are bellwethers to looming ecological challenges stemming from climate change.

Ongoing research to study sea level rise led by Georgia Tech researchers, a coalition of universities, Savannah and Chatham County government leaders, and local community groups is creating what could be a national model for coastal regions across the country facing similar challenges.

Addressing the Microchip Shortage

This country’s semiconductor chip shortage is likely to continue well into 2022, and a Georgia Tech expert predicts that the U.S. will need to make major changes to the manufacturing and supply chain of these all-important chips in the coming year to stave off further effects.

That includes making more of these chips here at home.  

Madhavan Swaminathan is the John Pippin Chair in Electromagnetics in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also  serves as director of the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center.  

Looking Ahead 2022 and beyond

Even a global pandemic cannot slow the acceleration of new technologies and evolving technologies that has become the disruptive norm of our lives over the past decade.

Big data, global connectedness and the digitization of almost everything are driving a whirlwind of change that touches every aspect of our lives.

Georgia Tech continues to be at the center of that of that maelstrom of progress, pushing the cutting edge, developing and influencing advances and being an insistent voice for ensuring those advances are shared as broadly as possible.

FEMA Grant to Create Economic Recovery Training Program for U.S. Businesses

As the nation’s communities have grown in complexity through innovation and technological advances, the potential for massive economic damage in the wake of disasters has increased.

In response, the Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech is creating a training and education curriculum focused on building economic recovery capabilities among U.S. businesses by equipping them with skills and tools needed to support community and regional resiliencies to disasters.

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