Infrastructure Ecology

People are moving from rural to urban landscapes at unprecedented rates. Cities are complex collections of infrastructure elements which, when they interact with each other, the local environment, and human social structures, exhibit the emergent properties of ecological systems. We contend that the best path toward urban sustainability lies within the understanding of urban infrastructure as an "Infrastructure Ecology." This new discipline will re-engineer urban infrastructures to maximize the production of comfort and wealth, while reducing the system-wide use of resources and generation of wastes, and increasing their sustainability and resilience to shocks.

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Presentation - The Water-Energy Nexus: Technology and Policy
John C. Crittenden, Osvaldo A. Broesicke, Junchen Yan, presented at the 4th Annual IWA Summit on Urban Water, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R. China, November 25-27, 2018. Download  2.8 MB

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Assessing the Potential for Growth and Innovation at the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water, and Transportation Systems
presented at the National Science Foundation Expert Workshop by Osvaldo A. Broesicke, John C. Crittenden, Michael Chang, organized by the BBISS, Arlington, VA, February 11, 2016. Download ~3.4 MB