Research Associate – Cell Therapy Discovery/ Process Development


Axent Biosciences is seeking exceptional, highly motivated, and talented bioengineers/cell biologists to support our cell therapy discovery and process development groups, aiming to derive neural cells from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) for cell therapy applications. In this role, the successful candidate will work with an internal supervisor and colleagues to support pre-clinical and clinical process development as well as product characterization. The successful applicant will have a background in stem cell biology, hPSC maintenance and differentiation, flow cytometry, and molecular biology techniques. Experience with 3D cell culture formats is preferred.



● Lead hPSC subculture, maintenance, and cryopreservation.

● Run assays for differentiation of hPSCs into mature and functional neural cells.

● Assess hPSC-derived cell products by cell-type-specific marker expression & functional characterization.

● Interact with research and development teams to troubleshoot existing differentiation methods; brainstorm and research new ideas when needed.

● Evaluate platform technologies and instrumentation for internal use or potential outsourcing opportunities.

● Work with novel cell culture and next-generation differentiation protocols to increase yield and process robustness.

● Provide high-quality hPSC-derived cells to other scientists working on assay development and quality control.

● Maintain accurate records of research in electronic lab notebooks, prepare drafts of new protocols, and deliver formal scientific presentations and reports internally to interdisciplinary teams and supervisor(s).

● Weekend and/or evening hours as necessary



● B.S./M.S. + 1-2 years of relevant lab experience in cell biology, stem cell biology, molecular biology, neurology, bioengineering, or a related discipline.

● Extensive hands-on mammalian cell culture experience is required.

● Experience with multi-color flow cytometry.

● Experience with mammalian cell culture and culturing primary cells, ESCs or iPSCs, in-vitro differentiation of ESC/iPSCs. 3D culture and differentiation of hPSCs is a plus.

● Hands-on experience with hPSC differentiation to neural subtypes is preferred.

● Experience in process development, scaling, automation in a cell culture/production environment is a plus.

● Excellent teamwork, oral/written communication, time management, analytical, critical thinking, record-keeping, and organizational skills.

● High scientific integrity, committed to ethics and scientific rigor


Contact David Schaffer, Ph.D. for application and more details. 

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