Protein Engineering Postdoctoral Appointee

What Your Job Will Be Like

Are you looking to do creative and worthwhile research? Sandia/California’s Systems Biology Department is seeking a highly dedicated biochemist /molecular biologist/immunologist postdoctoral appointee to join a multidisciplinary team using immunotherapy, computational biology, high-throughput screening and gene editing to develop medical countermeasures for viral infectious disease. The selected applicant will help generate, screen, engineer, and optimize therapeutic antibodies and other protein constructs as well as in vivo delivery vehicles. You will also be engaged in building new capabilities to complement our research portfolio and expand it in exciting new directions.

On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Work to execute, track and refine project plans with an integrated multidisciplinary team that may include members from national labs, universities and industry.

  • Design experiments and develop an independent research plan;

  • Perform experiments to design, engineer, produce and characterize next-generation antibodies

    and other engineered protein constructs;

  • Mentor technologists and interns;

  • Develop and document practices to enable work to be carried out optimally and safely;

  • Analyze, integrate and interpret research results;

  • Publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and present findings at seminars and conferences.


  • Qualifications We Require

  • PhD in immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, biology, or a related field.

  • Experience with molecular biology techniques and immunoassays

  • Experience performing protein engineering, and developing production and purification protocols

  • Proven record of high technical accomplishment and written communication (e.g. as evidenced by publication in high-impact scientific journals) and strong verbal communication and data presentation skills (e.g., as demonstrated through scientific conference presentations)


  • Qualifications We Desire

  • Experience in design, production and testing of antibodies, especially nanobodies, bi-specific antibodies or antibodies with engineered effector functions. Experience with protein display, phage display or directed evolution methods.

  • Experience in methods to characterize protein/ligand binding affinity and thermodynamic properties, especially label-free technologies for measuring biomolecular interactions (SPR or BLI). Experience in high-throughput assay development, or protein mass spectrometry

  • Proven experience with PCR, primer design, molecular cloning, gene synthesis and use of tools such as Northern and Western blots and RNAseq.

  • Bioinformatics or cheminformatics skills and facility with related software tools, and/or ability to perform in silico antibody-antigen modeling to design antibody variants with improved binding affinity .

  • Familiarity with tasks common in a virology laboratory, including knowledge of techniques and basic safety procedures in BSL2 (or higher) environment and proper storage and handling of viruses.

  • Experience in animal models of disease and basic animal handling, to include dose refinement, measurement of host response, protection against challenge.

  • Experience with methods to measure tissue uptake, including pharmacokinetic techniques (intravenous administration and tissue sampling), brain perfusions, microdialysis, immunohistochemistry and imaging techniques (e.g., IVIS).

  • Eligibility to obtain a US Department of Energy security clearance


Apply online at: Job #: 676591

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