Post-Doctoral Chemist / Biologist for Targeted RNA Drug Development

The Dahlman Lab at Georgia Tech and Emory School of Medicine develops lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and other drug delivery vehicles for nucleic acid drugs. The lab is pioneering the development of very high throughput in vivo nanoparticle assays that utilize DNA barcoding as well as ‘extreme’ material property design. We evaluate how thousands of distinct nanoparticles deliver RNA and DNA drugs in vivo instead of evaluating them in cell culture. These nanoparticles are then used to deliver RNA or DNA therapies.

Since starting in 2016, the lab has generated and analyzed over 100,000 in vivo drug delivery data points; this scale of data generation is new to nanomedicine. The lab has published DNA barcoding, gene editing, and gene therapy papers in numerous leading journals. This work was highlighted in the 2019 World Economic Forum and Scientific American ‘Top 10 Emerging Technologies in the World’ and led to the founding of Guide Therapeutics, a cutting-edge biotech company developing non-viral delivery vehicles that was recently acquired.

We are hiring post-doctoral chemists with a background in medicinal chemistry to design lipids that deliver RNA drugs into target cells. We are also hiring post-doctoral biologists with a background in molecular biology, RNA sequencing, neurology, and pulmonary disease. 

This is a unique opportunity for several reasons. First, you will be a member of a fun, diverse, and interdisciplinary group. Second, you will learn about DNA barcoded nanoparticle assays. Third, you will work on projects designed to reach the clinic. Finally, the Georgia Tech and Emory Medical School Department of Biomedical Engineering is ranked #3 and #2 for undergraduate and graduate studies, respectively. It is located in Atlanta, a thriving city with major cultural, professional, and athletic institutions. Atlanta is called the ‘city in a forest,’ and offers great food, music, breweries, hiking, biking, and weather. Finally, the Dahlman Lab is a supportive and inclusive environment; we care deeply about all our lab members, independent of their background, experiences, preferences, or beliefs.

Applicants for the position will be evaluated in the order they are received.



Candidates must have a Ph.D. in chemistry, genetics, biology, biomedical engineering, or chemical engineering. The post-doc must be able to work well on a team, even in situations where an opportunity is more exciting and time-sensitive than normal.


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