Nick Willett

Assistant Professor


Office Location:
Petit Biotechnology Building, Office 2302


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Emory University

Department of Orthopaedics
Research Focus Areas:
  • Biomaterials
  • Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Additional Research:
    The overall research of the lab focuseson a systems integration approach to musculoskeletal disease and regenerative engineering by applying novel imaging and engineering approaches to mechanistic biology problems. Ourcurrent work has three main thrusts: (i) cell and biologic therapies for the healing of large bone and muscle defects, (ii) multi-scale mechanical regulation of bone regeneration, (iii) intra-articular therapeutic delivery for post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Combiningbackgrounds in mechanical engineering, vascular biology and musculoskeletal tissue regeneration, ourresearch integratesmechanics principles and analytical tools with molecular biology techniques to uniquely address challenges of musculoskeletal disease and regeneration.

    Research Affiliations: Marcus Center for Therapeutic Cell Characterization and Manufacturing (MC3M), Regenerative Engineering and Medicine (REM), Immunoengineering, Center for ImmunoEngineering, Biomaterials

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