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Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility

The GTMI Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AMPF) is a place where teams incorporating academic, industrial and/or government expertise can develop, scale and deploy next-generation technologies. Of greatest importance are those technologies that promote innovation and allow technical, business and economic strategies to evolve to strengthen and grow the manufacturing ecosystem. The AMPF is a place that provides an immersive learning environment for student engagement via internships and cooperative work positions. It is also a place that enables strategic partners to collaborate on translational research and development at the TRL 4 to 7 levels of importance to the future of manufacturing.

As a pilot facility, the AMPF provides a testbed for producing small volumes of products for pre-commercial production systems using new technology. Researchers can then examine all areas of the process in a reduced-risk environment that supports full-scale production systems and commercial products, the evaluation of government regulations, as well as identification of further research objectives, and support for investment decisions.

The “L-shaped,” 19,000 square-foot facility is a flexible and reconfigurable space that is growing in planned phases. Phase I is complete with focused technology areas that include robotic manufacturing and digital manufacturing, which are appropriate for aerospace systems and automotive industries. It is equipped with state-of-the art metrology and machining equipment that enables the production of next-generation processes and components integrated into the Internet of Things, with new sensors, analytic algorithms and manufacturing protocols for low cost, flexible sensing and big data analytics. Phase II will include additive manufacturing, composite joining and repair, and flexible tooling systems.

Contracting for AMPF-based projects follows procedures outlined by Georgia Tech’s Office of Sponsored Programs and is coordinated by the Office of Industry Engagement and Industry Collaboration using contracting agreements and forms developed for facility access and use by visiting researchers, including an Affiliate Access and Intellectual Property Agreement. Sponsors seeking to lease team-room space in a safe and secure environment within the AMPF for their staff will need to demonstrate a continuing research collaboration that requires staff to be housed on site. In addition, sponsors will need to negotiate a facility lease with the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.