About Us


  • The AMPF mission is to serve as an interdisciplinary research and teaching facility where researchers will collaborate with stakehoders from industry, academia or government to transform future manufacturing concepts into pilot demonstrations and develop testbeds. 
  • AMPF serves as the “anchor facility” for future development of a Manufacturing Innovation Neighborhood in which companies and start-ups with common interests in advanced manufacturing may choose to locate corporate Innovation Centers. An example of this is the Boeing Manufacturing Development Center, on site in the AMPF.
  • The vision of the AMPF is to expand the scope and impact of Georgia Tech’s advanced manufacturing research by enabling translational development of basic or exploratory research to demonstration of innovation at the shop floor scale for both government and industry sponsored projects.
  • The goals of AMPF are to:
    * Support scale-up and translation of basic research into implementable technologies,

    * Provide a demonstration facility for academia, industry and government partners to co-develop and integrate new materials, processes, and digital models to de-risk new technologies, and

    * Enable training and upskilling of a competitive, skilled workforce on next-generation advanced manufacturing technologies.