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As a researcher, you want to spend as much time as possible doing research, rather than navigating administrative processes and systems.  As we continue to refine these processes and systems themselves, here are some important links to help you easily find helpful research information and systems.

Find Funding

  • Want to find funding, either internal or external?  Start here.

Integrity & Compliance

Professional Development

  • Would you like training in research administration? Check out the different opportunities under the "Training" tab on the OSP website and then register for internal education or certification programs.
  • Working on a proposal that has a cost-share or institutional support requirement? Visit the OSP page on Cost-share and Institutional Support.
  • Need information on faculty hiring, promotion, or tenure?  Visit Faculty Affairs.
  • Research faculty, want to give teaching a try?  Apply for the Research Faculty Teaching Fellows program.

Sponsored Projects

Tools and Systems

  • Looking for a centralized spot for all of your research administration tools and systems?  Visit GT Crossroads.
  • Certain information is only available to Georgia Tech employees.  Visit GT Inside Track for presentations and updates on what’s happening in D.C., insider tips and tricks for large proposal submissions, and more.

Research Enterprise Network


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