IDEaS 2022-23 Call for Proposals | Thematic Seminar Series/Workshops


IDEaS 2022-23 Call for Proposals | Thematic Seminar Series/Workshops
The Institute for Data Engineering and Science (IDEaS) at Georgia Tech invites calls for proposals from teams of IDEaS faculty/postdocs to run an in-person thematic seminars series or focused workshops with external speakers in AY 2022-23. The series/talks can be spread out over any duration e.g., the entire academic year or one semester, or be part of a single focused even as a day-long workshop/event. Each team is expected to clearly identify the theme for their series, give a list of speakers expected to be invited, and also a rough budget with important line items. Time for organizers cannot be budgeted.
We expect to award 5-6 teams around $5K - $8K per team depending on the projected need. Cost sharing with other partners is permitted and encouraged. The funds will expire in June 2023. The proposal should convince the reviewers that the intended seminar series/workshop is likely to be successful, i.e., the topics are scientifically interesting and timely, an appropriate collection of researchers will be invited and will also attend the seminar, and some sort of impact of the seminar can be expected. In addition, the proposed theme will be expected to align with the mission of the IDEaS Institute. IDEaS leverages expertise and resources from throughout Georgia Tech's colleges, research labs, and external partners, to define and pursue grand challenges in data science foundations and in data-driven discovery in various fields. We particularly encourage seminars proposals in emerging areas with opportunities for nucleating/consolidating teams, and pursuing large funding opportunities. More information on the institute can be found
The deadline for proposal submissions is Sept 30, 5pm ET. Please submit as a PDF email attachment to The winners will be announced by Oct 7 and funds will be made available immediately after that.

Details on the format of the proposal
  1. Letter size, max. 2 pages, 11 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, single spaced.
  2. Information on Organizers: Name, Position, School, Email, homepage (if any)
  3. Seminar Series/Workshop Theme: Title and short description
  4. Information on the requested series/workshop: structure, number, length and expected schedule of the talks. Where will it be organized? Who is expected to attend?
  5. Expected results (outcome) of the seminar
  6. Budget with justification (clearly mention cost-sharing if applicable)
  7. List of planned speakers (with Name, Position, Affiliation, Homepage) 
In case of any questions please contact the IDEaS Director of External Engagement, B. Aditya Prakash (Associate Professor in the College of Computing) at