GTBioMAT is an NIH graduate training program for the rational design of integrative biomaterials. This interdisciplinary program will train the next generation of pre-doctoral students in the interdisciplinary field of Biomaterials to rationally design new materials capable of integrating into the body or remodeling in vivo. Two or three new graduate students each year will be offered the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training program that includes two semester-long rotations – one with a focus on material synthesis and characterization, another with a focus on clinical applications. In addition to a research mentor, trainees will have access to clinical mentors. The training also includes a rational design of biomaterials classroom course and laboratory, which will give the trainees the tools and understanding necessary to approach their thesis projects. Graduates of this program will be well-positioned to realize the full potential of tissue engineering/regenerative medicine and to exploit the revolution in molecular biology and molecular materials to rationally design new, integrative Biomaterials and apply them to the next generation of medical devices, imaging techniques, and better-integrated implants.